Risky Business: A Review

In Risky Business: Why Insurance Markets Fail and What to Do About It (Yale University Press, 2023), economists Liran Einav (Stanford), Amy Finkelstein (MIT), and Ray Fisman (Boston U.) attempt […]

Forging Modernity or Freedom?

An interesting and well-written new book about the deep historical causes of modern economic growth, Forging Modernity, is about to appear from one of Britain’s oldest independent publishers, The Lutterworth […]

Sowing the Seeds of 1776

In April 1768, an opinion writer known only as “A Farmer in Pennsylvania” finished the last letter in a series decrying the Townshend Acts and making the case for colonial […]

Words, Numbers, and Samuel Gregg

This week AIER’s Samuel Gregg joins AIER Senior Editor James Harrigan and Antony Davies on Words & Numbers to discuss his new book, The Next American Economy. Have a listen […]