Downsizing the Administrative State

The recent Supreme Court decision, West Virginia v. EPA, which limits the EPA’s ability to define its own parameters, revitalized debate over how much discretion bureaucracies have to develop and […]

Liberalism Needs No Enemies

In his instructive political fable, The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale, George Leef writes, “Liberalism is the one philosophy that requires no enemies… It minimizes conflict and calls upon people […]

Reimagining Fusionism

Amidst the on-going differences that presently divide the American right, about matters ranging from economic policy to the proper understanding of the US Constitution, one word has been cited with […]

Garet Garrett, the Great

It’s time for liberty lovers to (re)acquaint themselves with Garet Garrett, a prolific voice of the Old Right. It’s not that everything the largely homeschooled farm boy wrote was right […]

On the Primacy of the Consumer-Welfare Standard

Ascendant today among antitrust scholars and enforcers are the so-called “neo-Brandeisians.” Named after progressive Associate Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, the neo-Brandeisians’ chief goal with respect to antitrust is to […]