1619, Anyone?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you undoubtedly know that AIER’s Phil Magness has been an outspoken critic of the New York Times 1619 Project. You can have […]

Big Screen Price Discrimination

AMC Theatres recently set its sights on blockbuster profits when it launched Sightline at AMC, a ticket-pricing system based on a seat’s view of the theater screen. The Twittersphere had […]

A Tale of Two Realities

The “fourth estate” is an appellation Americans give to the media for its role in shedding light on government and informing voters. Indeed, for all the damage the Supreme Court […]

Words, Numbers, and Samuel Gregg

This week AIER’s Samuel Gregg joins AIER Senior Editor James Harrigan and Antony Davies on Words & Numbers to discuss his new book, The Next American Economy. Have a listen […]

Stanford Fails to Master Clear Thinking

Stanford University’s information technology community produced, and then hid, a document entitled “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” Stanford didn’t adopt the EOHLI document. The fact that Stanford has not directly […]