China: House Divided

There have been claims that China’s enormous economic growth and widely shared prosperity are the result of turning to capitalism. I think this is not true; China is not capitalist. […]

Why Don’t You Go Somewhere Else?

“If you hate Starbucks so much, why don’t you go somewhere else?” In Michael Hiltzik’s Los Angeles Times article, “Why Starbucks has become a huge unionization target–and why the company […]

Six Ways Socialism is Anti-Social

Here’s a question for a PhD dissertation: How did something so radically anti-social ever get the name, social-ism? I leave that vexing matter to whoever wants to write it up. Meantime, I can […]

When Lenin Read a Book on Marx

I expected pushback against the thesis of my paper (co-authored with Michael Makovi) “The Mainstreaming of Marx: Measuring the Effect of the Russian Revolution on Karl Marx’s Influence” from Marxists […]