The Screen of Gyges

Digital media allows us to create our own brands.  We select snapshots of our lives to maintain an image of ourselves we want others to see, though it is sometimes […]

Will AI Eat Our Lunch or Make It?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will disrupt the restaurant industry to an even greater degree than it has already. It will also enhance human creativity and improve our cuisine. Disrupting and Enhancing […]

The Myth of Rural “Assistance”

As the old country proverb goes, “if it’s happened once, it’s damned-shor’ gonna happen again.”  Robert Wright’s forthcoming book, New Deals Exposed: How the Miseries of the Great Depression are […]

The Amazing Cargo Ship

When I introduce my (mostly) freshmen students to the economics of international trade, I steal an idea that I learned from David Friedman and Steve Landsburg. I start by showing […]