The Screen of Gyges

Digital media allows us to create our own brands.  We select snapshots of our lives to maintain an image of ourselves we want others to see, though it is sometimes […]

De-dollarization Has Begun: Redux

Last week’s article (“De-dollarization Has Begun”) produced a large number of comments and follow-up questions. Enough, in fact, that it feels necessary to address the most common of them in […]

Dismal is Better

Americans admire the rugged individualist who goes his own way, who stands alone. The problem is that standing alone at social gatherings is…lonely. And, frankly, pathetic. But that’s what usually […]

The Climate Collapse Thesis

In 2003, someone leaked a “secret” Pentagon report warning of the dire consequences of climate change.  “Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,” it reads. “Once again, warfare […]